Monday, July 22, 2013

Laguna Beach, CA with kids

After a few busy days behind us we wanted to rest up and relax with a day at the beach. My husband cabbed back to the airport in the morning while the kids and I got ready so he could pick up our rental car. By the time he came back, we were all ready with our beach bag packed excited to explore a little bit beyond the Disneyland Resort.

We drove down to Laguna Beach and found Treasure Island beach near the south end of the city. It had a parking garage and nicely attended restrooms where we could change into our beach attire. The walkway was beautiful:

Treasure Island Beach in Laguna Beach, CA

We were really high up on the walkway, looking down at the beach. It was amazing to see how dramatic the cliffs were with the ocean pounding below:

We ended up spending a couple hours here. The kids couldn't swim as the waves were too strong but they enjoyed trying to out run the waves--they were usually unsuccessful!

This was our last day on our travels to Southern California and we flew home early the next day. Coming up: Two wonderful weeks on the lake in northern Michigan!

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