Saturday, July 27, 2013

Time on the lake in Northern Michigan

Every summer we look forward to getting back to our roots, Michigan roots that is. Both of us were born and raised in this beautiful state and nothing screams “summer is here!” more than being by a lake surrounded by pine and birch trees, slapping mosquitos away as the sun starts to set, and making the customary s’mores over a roaring bonfire. We are lucky enough to spend a few weeks doing this every summer on a big lake in Northern Michigan. My sister and her husband own a beautiful lake home that is complete with a huge deck overlooking the lake, a tennis court, hammock for lazy reading, and a spacious dock where I spend my time catching up on my favorite magazine, Travel & Leisure, and devouring my current favorite read, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, while my kids splash in the cool, clear lake before me.

This year we arrived on the evening of July 3 and were looking forward to the next day--the 4th of July, one of our favorite holidays. We love the small town parade where you can show up 15 minutes before and easily get a great spot on the sidewalk. The kids remember to bring their own bags now for catching candy tossed from passing vehicles.

A glimpse into a small town 4th of July parade

After the parade we head back to the lake house where the kids happily trade pieces of candy with one another while the grown-ups prep the dinner to be grilled later in the day. This year I handled the dessert, which was a new twist on an old fave: lemon shortcake topped with berries and whipped cream. After our kitchen duties were over for the time being we spent the day swimming, sunning, and paddleboating. As the sun started to set we grabbed a light jacket and a drink of our choice and hopped on the boat for a ride across the lake. We had hoped to watch the fireworks from this prime location as we had done the year before but this year they weren’t going on for some reason. We did have a great view of many other fireworks going off in the distance while cruising back home. Once we disembarked from the pontoon, we all sleepily made our way inside. The 4th of July was done for another year but we still had many great days on the lake head of us!

This year we spent a total of two wonderful weeks at the lake. Besides our usual swimming, boating, paddleboating, and fishing, we also made a couple of stops at playgrounds and even more stops at the ice cream stand! We are always sad when our time on the lake comes to an end because it symbolizes the end of yet another summer with the school year looming ahead. Here are some photos of our great times on the lake:

Fishing, Boating, Paddleboating, Sunning, Swimming, Grilling...what better way to spend the dog days of summer?

Up Next: With our summer travels behind us for this year we are looking ahead to the fast approaching school year. We have two trips planned over our 10-day Fall Break in October that I can't wait to share. I also have some new blog projects I'm working on so stay tuned!

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