Friday, April 11, 2014

Colorado with kids - Travel Day

We had a direct flight into Denver, arriving in the early evening hours. We were meeting my mom, who was flying in from Minneapolis, as well. Thankfully all worked out perfectly with our planes landing within minutes of each other! We were reunited near baggage claim, collected our haul of suitcases, and boarded the shuttle bus to our car rental location, Thrifty, which was about a 6-8 minute ride from the airport itself. The sun was starting to set, making a beautiful first impression, with a pink painted sky slowly closing in on the Rocky Mountains in the distance. We all enjoyed nature's show while my husband was taking care of the rental. Finally we had all the bags and people loaded up and were ready to roll. We brought along our GPS from home so we didn't have to pay extra for that and easily navigated our way to the nearest Whole Foods in Denver.

Upon my research in dealing with potential altitude sickness, it was recommended to ascend altitude slowly, drink plenty of water, and eat a lot of carbs. With kids and my mom with us I was worried about how it would affect us. So, for dinner we enjoyed a carb-heavy dinner of breads, pasta salads, chips, lunchmeat, some of our favorite prepared foods, and of course a lot of water. Taking the time to eat when arriving in Denver was advice some friends had given me and I was listening! Because we were staying in Breckenridge, which is over 9,000 ft. above sea level, we wanted to gradually introduce our bodies to the altitude change. So, we first enjoyed our dinner in Denver, which is around 5,000 ft.

Once we finished eating, I quickly shopped for items we'd need for the week with a grocery list I had made out ahead of time. Once we had all of our supplies we headed off to Breckenridge!

Unfortunately we didn't get to see the beautiful mountain views as we were driving, as it was completely dark by this time. The kids quickly fell asleep, which made for a quiet drive.

We arrived at the Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge about an hour and a half later, got checked in quickly, and parked in the parking garage. We had two rooms, right next door to one another, although not connecting. My mom and and our oldest daughter, 13-year-old S, shared one, and the four of us the other. Each room had a kitchenette which is so helpful when traveling with food allergies! We enjoy eating out when we travel but also appreciate a home-cooked meal as well.

We ended up crashing pretty quickly after entering our rooms, as we were tired from the traveling, altitude, and time change!

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