Saturday, May 3, 2014

Colorado with kids - It's snowboarding time!

On this morning we all got up early as the kids' ski/ride school started at 9 am and they needed to be checked in by 8:45. We had to get them dressed in all their gear plus pack their lunch. Lunch was included in the cost of ski and ride school, however we opted to pack it due to their food allergies. They each had a drawstring backpack that worked great for toting their lunches and extra gear they didn't need til they were on the mountain.

Once dressed we all headed over to the base of Peak 9. It was a two minute walk from our room which could not have been more convenient! We checked them into school and then my husband and I were free to snowboard ourselves! Now my husband used to snowboard a bit in a previous life--you know, before wife, kids, and career took over. He was anxious to get back on the mountains after about 15 years! As soon as we got into the lift line I realized this was all a lot harder than it looks. I successfully made it onto the lift but then getting off was a challenge! I fell off, of course, and had a hard time getting back up! I don't think I laughed as much at myself this day than I ever have before. I must have fallen about 50 times and it took over an hour to get down the mountain! Mike was a great and patient teacher and despite my numerous "wipe outs" he attempted to boost my confidence insisting I was doing great. I can't help to think about what a sight I must have been...

After that I was pretty exhausted so I offered him to go down as many times as he wanted to himself. He was very eager and took off. I met my mom in the lodge where we had great views of the mountain and some delicious drinks!

I did go back up one more time and improved a lot this second time around. I didn't fall getting off the lift this time (success!). At one point I actually picked up a bit too much speed and was apparently flying down the mountain enough to impress some passersby on the lift above. Mike overhead someone exclaim, "Look at that girl go!" We both had a good laugh at that later. Little did this girl know it was because I couldn't stop! All in all it was a really neat experience and I am proud that I tried it for the first time at 35 years old. I was so beyond exhausted afterwards, though, with my arms hurting the most. It was hard work to continuously push yourself back up on the mountain after fall after fall after fall....!

The kids had a great time in ride school! They met a couple new friends and felt successful with what they learned that day. Just having that experience in and of itself was my goal, not really how well they did. Our son, B, really wants to snowboard again and the girls both want to try skiing next time. I know it goes back and forth between skiers and snowboarders but most people that I've talked to insist skiing is easier. I think next time we plan a trip like this us girls will try skiing. Overall it was a really fun experience for our whole family!

Feeling accomplished after the day!

They also couldn't wait to show off a bit!

In the evening we cooked dinner in our room and then indulged the kids with the "winter swim" we promised them. Us adults stuck to the hot tub and the kids went back and forth, as most kids out there seemed to do. They told us the pool was cold and I believed them (no need to try that myself!) The only hard part was getting out with snow falling on us. I swear I felt my towel freeze around me!