Sunday, June 8, 2014

Colorado with kids - Tubing in Keystone

Keystone, CO

I had done some research as to other snowy activities our whole group could participate in and was happy to have come across snow tubing. Once again, having grown up in Northern Michigan, we definitely weren't strangers to tubing and sledding, having done that countless times in our lives. However it is a completely new and wonderful experience to tube on top of a mountain! I discovered that there was tubing in Vail and nearby Frisco but am so happy that I settled on Adventure Point in Keystone, which is about 15 miles from Breckenridge. We passed Frisco and I admit I was disappointed by what I saw from the road. It was just out in the open near the road and not on the top of a beautiful mountain like Keystone's Adventure Point. Tubing in Keystone was the perfect place for us!

We arrived in Keystone and parked in the River Run parking lot (free). We walked through the really cute resort area, which looked like it was quite the happening place for apres ski. We found the check-in area where we all got our passes zip tied to our coat zippers and boarded the gondola to the top of the mountain.

Once up we couldn't get enough of the views. Again this is a wonderful experience for non-skiers/non-snowboarders in your group. We were right up there with everyone getting ready to take off down the mountain. I noticed a nice sized picnic area right at the edge as well. I made a mental note to enjoy a snack there after our tubing experience. We entered through two side-by-side yurts and watched a short informational video about our upcoming experience. Then we headed outside, grabbed a tube and got in line!

I cannot say enough about the staff here. They were all so friendly and made the experience really fun. They told jokes and chatted while we waited for our turns, also always asking if we wanted spins (which we did take them up on!) Once we got the push off we were zooming so fast down the hill! It was a really fun experience and everyone from my 7-year-old to my mom absolutely loved it!

We enjoyed a small snack in the picnic area I packed into one of the drawstring bags. We did leave our purses in lockers at the base of the mountain, however I brought the drawstring bag up and just left it in the yurt. I didn't have any valuables in it, of course.

There was also a really cool {pun intended!} snow fort right at the top of the mountain that all the kids loved playing on!

I highly recommend snow tubing in Keystone: beautiful views, a super cool snow fort, and an hour of flying down on a mountain on a tube. I'd have to say this was quite a spectacular day!