Monday, May 25, 2015

Grand Cayman with Kids: Snorkeling & The Waterfront

Day Three

With an adventurous day behind us, we wanted to relax a bit and begin our day at our resort, just spending the morning/afternoon swimming and snorkeling. Mike got up early again to go for a run on the beach and this time put the towels on the chairs before he ran. Great thinking! He got the last five chairs available in the front. It made all the difference to not have our view blocked by the row of chairs in front of us. Nothing but white sand and beautiful turquoise water as our view today!

I had also been wanting to try snorkeling after hearing from my family how awesome it was. I admittedly never have once opened my eyes under water, even with goggles on. I know it sounds silly but I was always afraid water would still get in. Mike insisted I try it and I figured now was as good of a time as ever. I put on the snorkel goggles and gently placed my face in the water. I wanted to gasp but obviously that wouldn't have ended well under water! The sun reflected so peacefully off the bottom of the sand while the fish swam in a carefree yet purposeful manner--it was a beautiful sight to witness for the first time. After marveling over my new view I decided to give the actual snorkel a try. I took a few practices before trying with my face in the water--it was so easy! It's amazing how you get used to just seeing life on earth...when you explore new depths {pun intended} you are greatly rewarded. My kids were excited I was finally snorkeling and my son really wanted to take me out to the reef. I went out with him but when I saw sea urchins I turned around! I was afraid I'd accidentally land on one. Of course he thought that was silly but I was new to this and needed time to warm up to all these creatures!

underwater 2
underwater 4
Some of the fish we saw

Beach B with fish guide
Braden studying the fish guide, post-snorkel

After we spent the better part of the day here, we headed out to get some beach photos of the kids. I really loved the look of Spott's Beach, where we had visited a few days before, so we kept that in mind in case we weren't lucky with a closer location. We came across several beach access signs while driving along Seven Mile Beach but could not see the beach from the narrow pathway that we drove by. We played it safe and stayed with what we knew so we headed back to Spott's Beach. When we arrived, all spots were taken in the tiny parking area but people were beginning to pack up and head out for the day. The beautiful palm trees were free from people lounging beneath their shady branches, which gave the impression that our beach was deserted. It was a beautiful backdrop for sure!

Beach photo Florabella
Spott's Beach was a great backdrop for Beach Photos!

After the beach photos we were really hungry so I consulted my Fodor's guide book to find a restaurant for dinner. Ava also had a school project she needed to complete while we were in Grand Cayman. The purpose of the project was to visit an ethnic restaurant so the kids could experience a new type of food and restaurant. I brought the worksheet along to complete in Grand Cayman as I figured we'd find a Caribbean restaurant to try out.

We decided to try The Waterfront restaurant which is located in Camana Bay. Camana Bay is a newly-built planned community, consisting of shops, restaurants, businesses, and apartments all steps from the waterfront. We thought it would be a fun place to live when you are young as you can work there, eat there, shop there, and live there. Oh the carefree days of youth!

We were really pleased with the Waterfront restaurant! It's at a beautiful location, right on the water, just a bit down from the yacht club where we had gotten on our stingray tour. There was ample seating outside, with palm trees overhead and pretty lights strung among the branches. The atmosphere was perfect! Our waitress was wonderful, her name just so happened to be Ava as well. When we told her our youngest member of the family shared her name she gave her a hug and said she had never met another Ava! Ava felt special, that's for sure! The staff was also very good about trying to accommodate our children's allergies which is always appreciated. Ava ended up with a frankfurter that was covered in bacon pieces and french fries on the side. The others had bunless hamburgers and fries, their usual go-to. I had a salad with grilled chicken as I needed to eat something lite and healthy after days of indulging. Mike had a delicious burger. Ava was pleased to have finished her restaurant worksheet in such a fun, beautiful setting with a full belly! I realize the food she tried was not exactly Caribbean but we have to go with what works when eating out with allergies. She was still able to explore the full menu and understand the different types of Caribbean fare offered such as coconut shrimp and a Caribbean jerk pork. School project mission accomplished!

We headed back to the resort and got to bed as we were tired from another full day. We had just one more full day left!

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