Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hawaii - Travel Day

As usual our travel days are long! I booked another set of tickets via flight miles and chose the best possible option for those tickets. That option included driving to Chicago's O'Hare airport, catching a 5 am flight from Chicago to Phoenix, and after a short layover continuing on to Maui. The drive was fine, getting up at 2:30 a.m. for the flight the next morning was hard! I ended up with a migraine after the early rising and long travel day so I won't be scheduling that early of a flight again!

Our flight from ORD to PHX was around 3 hours and then we had about an hour and a half layover in Phoenix. We accessed the American lounge, which was nice for us to spread out in comfy chairs, have plenty of room to charge our devices, and have some good options for breakfast. Soon, we boarded our flight to Maui. We lucked out as no one booked the window seat next to Mike and Skylar so we were able to spread out some. I noted what a peppy bunch the passengers were when traveling to Hawaii! Everyone seemed happy and excited, as were we! The flight took about six hours and soon we saw a little bit of land in the distance, how exciting, we were approaching Hawaii!

I spy Hawaii!

Once we landed, we collected our luggage and headed to the car rental. I read that renting a Jeep in Hawaii is fun, especially if planning to drive the Road to Hana, which we were. We lucked out in that we got the last white jeep with removable tops, which we took down for our drive to the hotel.

We arrived at the Marriott Ocean Club, on Ka'anapali Beach, and were so impressed! There were several pools, the main pools all flow into one another with slides and waterfalls, volleyball net, and hot tubs. The best part is you overlook the beautiful beach with a clear view of Lanai in the distance. The walking path is so pretty as well, it takes you to other resorts along the beach.

Our room was a nice surprise as well. It was quite large and great for our family to spread out in. We had a king size bed in the bedroom, lots of space, and a full bathroom. The kids slept in a pull out sofa in the living room and we also had a rollaway. There was a full bathroom there as well and a kitchentte. It makes breakfast, lunch, and snacks so easy having that in the room.

Our one bedroom/two bathroom suite at Marriott Maui Ocean Club

I unpacked while Mike took the kids to explore a bit. Later that day we swam in the pools. We were excited to be in Hawaii!

Yay, Hawaii!

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