Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Roman Forum

From the Colosseum we then headed to the Roman Forum, which was very close by. I do wish we had booked a guide for this. The ruins were incredible but it would have been even more meaningful if we had a guide to explain it all a little deeper. We did our best to make our way through on our own self-guided tour, wandering about in amazement.

We were especially intrigued by the area where Julius Caesar's body was burned. A hump of dirt remains and coins and flowers are still brought daily in honor of the slain emperor.

Temple of Caesar in the Roman Forum

Sights within the Roman Forum

We spent a few hours here and then started slowly making our way back home. On the way, I knew we needed to stop at Trevi Fountain and be total tourists and throw coins in to ensure a future trip to Rome!
The Trevi Fountain where the kids tossed coins in to ensure a future trip to Rome!

Rome was absolutely incredible - from it's people to it's architecture to it's history to it's food - the ambiance was always perfect which made it one of those destinations that touched us deeply. Staying in the Trastavere neighborhood was perfect - it was a good, central location to the sites we visited as well as providing that quintessential Italian ambiance one hopes to experience when visiting Italy. On our very last night, Skylar, Mike, and I roamed around looking for last minute souvenirs. We loved the small piazzas and fountains we passed with people sitting in these sort of "outdoor living rooms", living the dream of people watching from their perch as the sun set on this amazing ancient city.

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