Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Day Five - Ulua Beach

Today was another day Mike had to travel for work, this time heading to Oahu. I decided to take advantage of being near another good snorkeling beach, Ulua. First, we ate breakfast at the hotel. They have a huge, very good quality, complimentary breakfast so we took advantage of that each day. After breakfast, we packed up a beach bag and our snorkel gear and had the shuttle driver drop us off at Ulua Beach.

The beach was similar to Napili, in that it was a cove and each end was bordered by rocks. Ulua flowed into another beach, though, so the rocks on the one side were bordered by great shade trees and then the beach continued, easily walkable from Ulua Beach. Skylar wasn't interested in snorkeling, so I headed out with Braden and Ava.

Snorkeling Ulua Beach

Ava was soon over the snorkeling, she just wasn't into it today. Braden and I spent a good hour and a half out there. We saw similar fish to what we had seen at Napili a few days before, but this time also a Moray Eel. I'm not a fan of eels, they are too similar to snakes, but thankfully it stayed low on the floor of the ocean. Braden and I were on the hunt for sea turtles but sadly never saw any that day nor the whole time we were in Hawaii. We joked that they lure visitors to Hawaii with the promise of seeing sea turtles but they don't really exist in Hawaii ;)

After about two hours we decided we had had enough fun in the sun and called the shuttle driver to take us back to the hotel. We ate lunch in the room and then swam for a bit again. I also did some laundry. We grilled out some delicious steaks for dinner after Mike got home. Another glorious Hawaiian day done!

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